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90W switch at sude with 7 LED light 9UN3-090701

90W switch at sude with 7 LED light


Input:11-32V   DC

Output:15/16/18/18.5/19/19.5/20/22/24V-90W  MAX

1.used in car truck or aeroplane

       2.LED display

       3.input voltage ranged From 11-32V  

with 8 tips:A,D,F,G,H,N,P,R

or 10 tips:A,D,F,G,H,N,P,R,K,Q.optional

Tip A: 1.4*4.3*6.5 Suit for FUJITSU(16V 3.36/3.75A)(19V 3.16A)  SONY(16V 3.75/4A)(19.5V 2.15/3/4.1/4.7A)  SAMSUNG(14V 3A)

Tip D: 6.3*3.0 Suit for TOSHIBA(15V 3/4/5/6A) NEC(15V 4A)

Tip F: 5.5*2.5 Suit for HP/COMPAQ(19V 3.16A)(18.5V 4.9A) IBM(16V 3.36/3.5/4.5A)(19V 4.2A) 
ACER(19V 3.42A) DELTE(19V 3.42/4.47/4.74A) FUJITSU(19V 4.22A) LG(20V 3.25A) GATEWAY (19V 3.16/3.68/4.74A) LITEON(19V 3.95/4.74)

Tip G: 5.5*3.3 Suit for SAMSUNG(19V 3.15/3.16/3.75/4.22/4.74A)

Tip H: 3 pin Suit for DELL(20V 3.5/4.5A)

Tip N: 5.5*1.7 Suit for ACER 19V 1.58A  DELL 19V 1.58A

Tip P: 4.8*1.7 bullet tip Suit for ASUS 9.5V 2.5A  SONY 10.5V 2A  ASUS 12V 3A

Tip R: 7.4*5.0 Suit for HP/COMPAQ(18.5V 3.5/4.9A)(19V 4.74/4.9A)

Tip K: 7.7*7*2.5 Suit for APPLE (20V 1.5/1.8/1.875/2/2.65A)

Tip Q: 7.4*5.0 Suit for Dell 19.5V 3.34A/4.62A


ADD:bldg2, Standard Industrial Park, Taishi,Dongchong Town,Nansha, Guangzhou,Guangdong ,China